Gameplay Help:

To connect to a server, you must have a valid Username, Password and Host. Usually, you can use the Find Public Server button in PyScrabble to register on a Public Server. Once you connect to a Public Server, the hostname will be saved in your history. If you wish to connect manually, the Host value is formatted as hostname:port. So if the server you're connecting to is listening on port 9999 on host, you would enter for the Host value.

If there are no games available to join, you may create a new one yourself.

Once you have joined a game, you have three options:

  • Start: Gameplay starts, and the first user is chosen at random. Only the creator of the game may start it
  • Save: When the game is saved, you can leave the game. The game will be saved until you resume it, or an Administrator deletes it. Only the creator of a game may save/resume it.
  • Leave: If you leave the game, you forfeit your letters back into the bag. If you are the last person to leave the game, the game is deleted from the system.

You have three options on your turn:

  • Add a move to the game.
  • Trade your letters for a new set. This counts as your turn
  • Pass your move. If you can't make a move, and there are no more letters left, you have to pass.

Once all players have passed their move, the game is over and the person with the highest score is declared the winner.


Normal Tile
Double Letter Score
Triple Letter Score
Double Word Score
Triple Word Score

Server Help:

There are two ways to run the PyScrabble Server.

  • As a normal console program
  • As a Windows Service.

For both, you need to edit the following config file:

- resources/config/server_console.cfg

This file is a text file with two configuration parameters, the web_port and the game_port. These will be the ports that the web server and game server will run on.

If you want to run the server as a Windows Service:

  • Open up a console window and CD to the PyScrabble directory.
  • Run server_service -install. This will install the service on your machine.
  • Go to the Control Panel -> Administrative Tasks -> Services. You should see PyScrabble Server Console in there.
  • Start the service

If you just want to run it as a console program, double clicking on server_console.exe (or on non-Windows systems) should start it.

Once the server is started, you can point your web browser to your IP address and the port that the web_port you set in server_console.cfg. Now you have to add some users. The first user you add MUST be an administrator user. Otherwise you won't be able to log back into the web console.

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